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Step 1 Quality Rating Automation

The Bright & Early ND Team is pleased to announce Step 1 Quality Rating automation. The Step 1 automation process will allow quicker processing times and easier access for programs pursuing continuous quality improvement. Step 1 automation is set to go live on Monday, October 17th.

Meeting and maintaining child care licensing regulations is the foundation of the Bright & Early ND Steps to Quality. These regulations are designed to protect and promote child safety and well-being in all types of settings. Licensed early childhood programs are required to maintain at least minimum standards related to; physical space, safety features, cleanliness, staff qualifications and staff-to-child ratios. Children need to be healthy and feel safe to learn and grow. It is the first step in preparing children to be ready for school, work, and life.

Step 1 automation will allow all programs who hold a current license issued by the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to be automatically welcomed into Bright & Early ND as a Step 1 Quality Rated program. For more information, we encourage you to peek at the Bright & Early ND 2022-2023 Playbook.