The Bright & Early ND Quality Rating and Improvement System helps North Dakota families assess how a child care program supports their child’s early learning and development. We take the guesswork out of identifying high-quality early care and education programs that give children what they need to succeed.

Bright & Early ND Brochure (PDF, 8.6 MB)

Why Quality Matters

In the first five years of life, your child's brain develops faster than any other time in their life. In fact, more than one million new neural connections are formed every second. By age five, 90% of their brain has developed. The experiences your child has during this period will have a lasting impact. That's what makes high-quality early care and education is so important.

Research shows that children who have access to high-quality early care do better in school, make healthier choices, and are more likely to graduate and find employment. Bright & Early ND can help. We translate the the scientific research about what young brains need into a four-star Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).

What Does This Mean for Families?

Choosing an early care and education program is an important decision. You deserve to know your child is in a quality care environment that supports play and learning, promotes development, and fosters relationships among caregivers and peers. Bright & Early ND Quality Ratings will help you make better informed decisions about your child care and early education options. By choosing a Bright & Early ND Quality Rated program, you can be confident that your program has your child’s best interest in mind.

Steps to Quality

Each of the Bright & Early ND Steps to Quality focuses on a specific component of care and builds upon the others to deliver a higher level of care.