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Bright & Early ND Continuous Quality Improvement

We appreciate your patience and understanding as our program continues our transition. We are grateful that the work can continue and we have an important update to share with our community. Just like the programs we serve, Bright & Early ND is in a continuous quality improvement cycle. We use what we’ve learned to improve the system to support programs in providing quality care and education.

Our data system will be undergoing a major upgrade which will streamline the Quality Rating process, offer a richer user experience and add enhanced functionality. To ensure the Bright & Early ND community is informed, we are sharing our projected timeline, Quality Indicator crosswalk and FAQ. We encourage you to bookmark this page for additional updates as we progress. 

2021 Quality Indicator Crosswalk (PDF, 171KB)

2021 Projected Timeline

  • Development begins for the Bright & Early ND software upgrade; finalize Quality Indicators, evidence requirements, language changes and resources.
  • Bright & Early ND will continue to process Step 1 applications at this time.
  • Development will conclude for the Bright & Early ND software upgrade. The Bright & Early ND Playbook, Handbook and other support resources will be retired on June 30th, 2021.
  • Bright & Early ND will continue to process Step 1 applications until June 30th, 2021.
July 2021 (Blackout Timeframe)
  • Due to the nature of our software upgrade, Bright & Early ND will not be accepting applications for or awarding Quality Ratings during this timeframe. Instead, staff will be trained, support documents will be created for providers and our website will be updated. In addition, Bright & Early ND will hold a series of training for staff and stakeholders.
  • Bright & Early ND will resume processing Step 1 applications. In addition, Bright & Early ND will begin accepting applications for the September 2021 cohort for Steps 2-4. For more information on cohort timelines, please see the frequently asked questions below.
  • Bright & Early ND Step 2-4 cohorts will resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Bright & Early ND doing a software upgrade?

A: Bright & Early ND contracts with New World to develop and maintain the Insight data system, commonly known as Growing Futures. This is where majority of the Bright & Early ND Quality Rating process takes place. Just like your computer or phone may experience a software update, so does our data system. Most of the upgrades are small and unnoticeable to the user. However, this upgrade will be larger and require a small blackout period for Bright & Early ND. As technology changes and new features become available, it is important that our software remain current.

Q: The timeline above says the next cohort starts in September, are the cohort timeframes changing?

A: Yes, the Bright & Early ND Quality Rating process will be implemented during three cycles (January, May, and September), referred to as cohorts. Cohorts will be available throughout the year. Specific dates and time frames are listed below:

 Application Due By:  Cohort Begins:  Submit QSI By: Cohort Ends: 
 December 15th January 1st  September 15th  September 30th 
 April 15th May 1st  January 15th  January 31st 
 August 15th September 1st  May 15th  May 31st