All About GOLD

GOLD® is the authentic, ongoing, observation-based assessment system that helps teachers and administrators like you focus on what matters most for children’s success. Your program will access GOLD through MyTeachingStrategies™, a one-stop spot for all your teaching and assessing needs.

GOLD User Guides

The GOLD user guides provide you with the comprehensive collection of steps and year-round support to ensure a successful GOLD implementation.

Support For Getting Started

The Getting Started Checklists, each designed with a specific type of user in mind, provide tactical first steps so you can feel confident in independently getting started in GOLD.

Getting Started Checklist for Administrators
Getting Started Checklist for Teachers

Useful GOLD Resources

  • Don't forget to check out Getting Started with MyTeachingStrategies (PDF, 163 KB) for step-by-step instructions to get you started.
  • Another great resource is the MyTeachingStrategies Checkpoint Calendar (PDF, 247 KB) for an easy way to track your yearly GOLD checkpoint periods. NEW
  • Bright & Early ND will verify your program’s child documentation portfolios online through MyTeachingStrategies. Review the GOLD Documentation Review (PDF, 119 KB) tip sheet to ensure your program is meeting the minimum requirements needed for a Step 3 Quality Rating.
  • Want more? Don’t forget to check out the Bright & Early ND Handbook, on the resources page, for frequently asked questions about GOLD.