All About the Classroom Assessment Scoring System

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS®) is a research-based method of measuring, evaluating, and improving teacher–student interactions. Over 150 studies confirm CLASS works. Children in early childhood settings with higher CLASS scores have better social, emotional, and academic outcomes.

Programs will receive onsite CLASS observations, and must earn an average program score of the following:

CLASS Tool Overall Domain Score
Infant Responsive Caregiving 4.0
Toddler Emotional Support 5.0
Engaged Support for Learning 3.5
Pre-K Emotional Support 5.0
Classroom Organization 5.0
Instructional Support 3.0
Preschool and Center-Based Programs

Observations will be conducted in each classroom with the tool that best reflects the age group in care. Classroom scores are averaged to calculate a program level score for each tool used.

Family and Group Programs

Observations will be conducted program-wide with the tools that best reflect the age groups in care. A total of two tools will be used throughout the observation. The Bright & Early ND Assessor will determine which CLASS tools to use based on the majority of children present on the day of the observation.

Useful CLASS Resources