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FCCERS-3 Reliability Achievement

Congratulations to the Bright & Early ND Assessors, Denise Overmoe and Stacy Knudson, for achieving reliability in the Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale, Third Edition (FCCERS-3) through ERSI, Inc. This is a national certification, and we are proud of their great accomplishment. To achieve reliability, assessors partake in a four day course in which they conduct one FCCERS-3 assessment each day with a lead assessor from ERSI, Inc. After each assessment, the assessors have thorough discussions about each Item and Indicator within the FCCERS-3 Subscales to verify that they are aligned with the lead assessor’s scores regarding observation procedures. Assessor competence is determined by average of reliability across three consecutive observations and following of correct observation procedures. Reliability benchmarks include 85% for reliable scale users (silver level) and 90% for reliable scale anchors (gold level).

Interested in learning more about the FCCERS-3 observation tool? Check out the ERSI, Inc website.