Step 1: Health & Safety

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What is the goal in Step 1?

Provide a safe and healthy environment for children focused on preventing injuries and reducing the spread of germs.

Why is Step 1 important?

Children need to be healthy and feel safe to learn and grow. It’s the first step in preparing children to be ready for school, work and life.

How do I show that I meet the goals in Step 1?

  • Licensed by the North Dakota Department of Human Services for at least 1 year
  • Serve children between the ages of birth to five
  • License is in good standing. This means that the program has not had a corrective action taken (correction order; intent to revoke or revocation; intent to deny or denial of application; provisional license) inclusive of these categories in the last 1- 2 years. (Bright & Early verifies the status of your license with your county licenser.)
  • Program has an active Organization account with the ND Growing Futures Workforce Registry.
    • For Family and Group Child Care programs, the program Licensee is the designated account manager of the organization account. For Preschool and Center-based programs, the program Owner/Director is the designated account manager of the organization account. 
    • All current employees are listed under the program's Organization account. 
  • All employees are members of the ND Growing Futures Workforce Registry with a current Career Pathway placement and meet licensing standards according to Career Pathway A with the exception of the following:
    • Employees that are under 18 years of age. 

Why should I do Step 1 when I’m already licensed?

  1. Gain recognition from parents as a program who is eager to go above + beyond for their child. Your status as a Bright & Early ND partner is shared with the 6,200 parents searching for child care every year through Child Care Aware of North Dakota®.
  2. Earn exclusive partner benefits.
  3. It's easy- there's no extra work. Just a few questions + you're in!

Resources to Help with Step 1

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