Request Quality Rating


The Bright & Early ND Quality Rating Application is currently under construction! We are partnering with Growing Futures to bring a faster and more streamlined application to programs across the state. Please come back on January 19th, 2018 to grab our tip sheet on how to apply for Bright & Early ND in 2018! In the meantime, feel free to check out the Playbook and work on the Professional Development Quality Standards.

This is Your Time to Shine!

Congratulations! You’ve done a lot of work to get to this point. Now, you’re ready for the most exciting part of Bright & Early ND, the Quality Rating.

Bright & Early ND Partners gain recognition for doing great things for children, not just saying that they do great things for children.  The Quality Rating Review is your chance to show how you meet the Quality Standards for each Step. It’s not a test, it’s not a worksheet- it’s you doing what you do best everyday! The Quality Rating Review shows that you meet the Quality Standards stated in the Bright & Early ND Playbook.

During this process, a member of the Bright & Early ND Team reviews your Quality Standards Inventory and evidence submitted. Then, Bright & Early ND verifies that your program meets the Quality Standards of the Step you are applying for.

Are you ready to be Step 2, Step 3, or Step 4 Quality Rated?

The Quality Rating Application must be completed when a program is applying for Step 2, Step 3, or Step 4 Quality Rating. If you are applying for a Step 2 or Step 4 Quality Rating, your program will receive an onsite Quality Rating observation. If you are applying for a Step 3 Quality Rating, you will be required to upload evidence with your application and will likely be completed entirely online with no onsite observation. Please complete the Quality Rating Application and upload all required evidence with your application. If you are unable to upload, feel free to email the Bright & Early ND Team at with any additional evidence.


Why do I need a Quality Rating Review?

Quality Rating Reviews are the most accurate way to demonstrate and show others that you meet the Quality Standards in each Step. Quality Rating Reviews bring fairness and consistency to Bright & Early ND. No one likes to feel as if “someone is looking over their shoulder.” Bright & Early North Dakota takes this dislike seriously; we do everything in our power to put you at ease. Our team is trained specifically to be respectful and to understand how much work you’ve done to get to this point. Remember, we’re all here for the same reason – to prepare children to be successful in school and life.

Will I know when my Quality Rating observation will happen? How much notice will I receive?

The Quality Rating Observation is also referred to as the 'actual' observation. A member of the Bright & Early ND Team will notify you of your 15 day observation window in which the observation will occur. You will not be allowed to select the actual date the observation will occur but will have the option to select three 'blackout dates' in which no observation can occur on. We encourage programs to use the blackout dates for holidays, appointments, or any non-typical days (i.e. planned sub, field trip, etc.) Then, a Bright & Early ND Assessor will contact you by 5pm the day before each observation occurs.