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For Providers

Bright & Early ND is a must for providers trying to influence and change kids lives in a positive way. Bright & Early ND is an initiative led by the ND Department of Human Services to ensure that North Dakota's children receive the quality child care and preschool they need for success in school and life. We recognize talented child care and preschool providers for going above & beyond and deliver professional rewards for a job well done. 


Looking to enhance your environment or add new learning materials? Let Bright & Early ND help cover the cost. Want recognition for a job well done? You’ve got it. You’ll have support every step of the way with these benefits at your fingertips. 

The Playbook: 4 Steps to Achieve Quality

You work hard every day to help the children in your care learn and grow. It’s critically important work because 90% of a child’s brain develops before they start kindergarten. Check out how Bright & Early ND sets standards to showcase the Quality things you do for the children in your program.  Learn More...