Professional Development

What are the goals in Professional Development?

  • Individuals have the knowledge and skills needed to work with children birth through five and their families.
  • Director, Lead Caregiver, or Principal has specialized preparation in business and program administration specific to early education.

Why is professional development important?

Early Education, like many other fields, requires ongoing education to keep up with the vast amount of Child Development research happening so rapidly. It is imperative that Bright & Early ND Programs stay on top of research so each child receives the opportunities necessary to succeed in school and life.

How do I show that I meet the Professional Development Quality Standards?

The Bright & Early ND Professional Development Quality Standards are outlined in the Playbook. Programs can use the Professional Development Quality Standards Inventory as a resource and guide. This inventory will help your program meet the requirements needed for each Quality Rating Step and plan future training Opportunities. 

How can I prepare now?

Plan for success. Professional development starts in one place, with the ND Growing Futures Workforce Registry. There are many benefits when becoming a member, achieving a Career Pathway placement and creating an organization account.