Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare Some More!

We want you to commit to Bright & Early ND now, but that doesn’t mean starting right this minute. Don’t skip the planning process—habit research shows that when people get excited and jump from contemplation straight to action (skipping right over the “preparation” phase) they’re less likely to see the change through. As you’ll hear over and over again, when it comes to the Bright & Early ND, planning and preparation are key. 

Build Your Support Network

You really do get by with a little help from your friends.  Join our Bright & Early ND community and discover the kind of support, encouragement, and accountability that practically guarantees your success.  Build your network...

Get Your Program Ready

It's a scientific(ish) fact: 83% of your success in Bright & Early ND will depend on your planning and preparation.  That means reviewing the Bright & Early ND Playbook, checking out the Partner Handbook, updating your training record, and setting some goals.  Get ready....

Plan for Success

At some point during your journey, you're going to find yourself in a difficult situation.  Creating a plan now for how you'll handle those events can make all the difference between meeting your goals or falling short of the finish line.