The Playbook: 4 Steps to Quality

the Playbook

You’re busy. We get it. Bright & Early ND isn’t going to give you more to do, it’s going to show you what to focus on to get the maximum results for kids. We take the guesswork out of preparing children for kindergarten.  Great school years, start with great child care years- it’s that simple.

The Bright & Early ND Playbook (PDF, 1.2 MB) establishes a statewide level of quality and contains four steps proven to deliver positive results for children.  Commit to carry out the steps in the Playbook and children in your program are more likely to enter kindergarten with the skills needed to be successful in school and life.

Hear What Other Providers are Saying

“The Playbook gives me reassurance I’m giving my best to the kids.”
- Sue K, Group Child Care

“The Playbook is like a ‘road-map’. I use it to make my child care an effective learning environment.”
- Nicole M, Family Child Care Provider

“The Playbook provides me a tool to keep all my staff on the same page. We’re all working together toward common goals. As a director, it takes the pressure off of me saying, ‘this is what I think is good for kids’, and turns the focus to, ‘here’s what research says is good for kids’.”
- Shannon L, Center Director

“The Playbook outlines how I can be a forerunner in early learning in the state of North Dakota.”
- Colette H, Center Staff