Learn About Bright & Early ND

One of the questions parents ask all the time is, “Where can I find a high-quality child care provider?”

The answer has been somewhat muddy because the term "high-quality" means different things to different people. Bright & Early ND used national research to determine and define quality Early Care & Education, we know parents need a way to be able to spot the best child care programs, the ones who go above and beyond for children.

So, the North Dakota Dept. of Human Services launched Bright & Early North Dakota statewide in 2015.

It’s designed to do 3 important things (we call them "the 3R’s"). 

Take talented child care providers and showcase their greatness to parents and the community.

 Deliver professional rewards for a job well done (monetary dollars based on enrollment); cutting edge tools in school-readiness; professional development; personal coach by your side; and exclusive insider perks)

 Focus on ensuring children are ready for school and life (hint: this does NOT mean worksheets & flashcards!)

Providers that want to be give the best care and education possible to the children in their program and have fun in the process are our kind of people. Are you in?

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