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Cass County

Following are the program partners for Cass County, ND.

Step 1 - Health and Safety

Step 1 - Health and Safety

(bold programs currently working on Step 2)

Step 1 Quality Rated programs provide a safe and healthy environment for children focused on preventing injuries and reducing the spread of germs. Children need to be healthy and feel safe to learn and grow. It’s the first step in preparing children to be ready for school, work, and life.

Number of programs: 44
Number of children impacted: 2,557

Family/Group (in-home ECE)
  • Amanda Harmer
  • Angela Heller
  • Angie Klocke
  • Baby Steps
  • Curious Kids Childcare - Michelle Roeszler
  • Home Away From Home- Kathleen Auka
  • Janelle Burns
  • Lil' Monsters Daycare- Christina Hanson
  • Little Bear Daycare- Janelle Stahl 
  • Little Bugs Daycare- Megan Gaffney
  • Little People Land II- Pamela Shinn
  • Linda Wolbaum
  • Lisa Behl
  • Lots o' Love Daycare- Teresa Ouellette
  • Peggy's Playhouse
  • Pitter Patter Playhouse
  • Shannon Baugh
  • Sweet Pea Child Care- Kristina Metcalfe
  • We're On The Grow- Rebekah Schmitz
  • Young Stars Preschool- Sascha Cariveau
Center/Preschool (facility ECE)
  • Academy for Children
  • Atonement Christian Child Care & Preschool
  • Baby Bloomers Child Care & Preschool
  • Beginnings Child Care Center & Preschool
  • Bright Futures Learning LLC
  • Cayden's Clubhouse
  • Grace Lutheran School- Preschool
  • Happy Days Childcare
  • Hope Center for Learning North
  • It's a Small World Preschool
  • KidVentures Child Care & Preschool
  • Learn n' Move
  • Lil' Bloomers at Timber Creek Inc.
  • Lil' Buckaroos, Inc
  • NDSU Wellness Center Child Care
  • Oak Grove Lutheran School Early Learning Center
  • Play & Learn Preschool-Buffalo
  • Rainbow Center for Children
  • Rise To Shine LLC.
  • Sanford Child Development Center
  • Sonshine Center
  • The Learning Path Child Care
  • The Puzzle Place
  • Wonders of the World, Inc.- Goddard School
  • YMCA Early Learning Center at Calvary
Step 2 - Space and Materials

Step 2 - Space and Materials

(bold programs currently working towards Step 3)

Step 2 Quality Rated programs meet all requirements of Step 1, and they also offer a variety of materials to support play and learning experiences for children with different interests and abilities. A child’s work is their play, and having enough of the right materials that are set up in a chosen space encourages children to play. When children develop good play skills, they are better prepared for school, work, and life.

Number of programs: 12
Number of children impacted: 431

Family/Group (in-home ECE)
  • Abigail's Playhouse- Abigail Mindeman
  • Barb Sinner
  • Lil' Sprouts Daycare- Darlene Donaldson
  • Little Steps Learning Center
  • Natura Kids Center- Kellee Hann
  • Paula Villanueva
  • Stacey Piechowski
  • Tender Hearts Daycare:  701-373-7840  tenderhearts@perrycenter.org
  • Vicki's Childcare- Vicki Schumm
Center/Preschool (facility ECE)
  • Discovery Daycare Center
  • Hope Center for Learning- South
  • Learning Universe Child Care
  • St. John's Christian Preschool
Step 3 - Activities and Experiences

Step 3 - Activities and Experiences

(bold programs are currently working towards Step 3)

Step 3 Quality Rated programs meet all requirements of Steps 1 and 2, and they also use an approved curriculum that supports each child’s development and an approved assessment tool to learn about each child’s development. Programs plan learning activities that build upon each child’s strengths and provide opportunities for further growth.

Number of programs: 6 
Number of children impacted: 235

Family/Group (in-home ECE)
  • Kelsey Munter
  • Kristi Bradley
Center/Preschool (facility ECE)
  • Elim Children's Center: llempe@elimcare.org  www.elimchildrenscenterfargo.org
  • Little Lambs Christian Preschool: 701-356-5262  sotvlambs@ideaone.net
  • Youth Commission Preschool: ambercarlsrud@bgcrrv.org
Step 4 - Relationships and Interactions

Step 4 - Relationships and Interactions

(bold programs are currently working on renewing their Step 4) 

Step 4 Quality Assured programs meet all requirements of Steps 1–3, and they also have developed warm and supportive relationships with children and between children. They place an emphasis on children’s interests, motivations, and points of view in daily activities and interactions. They facilitate children’s critical thinking and language development through interactions with children.

Number of programs: 7 
Number of children impacted: 605

Family/Group (in-home ECE)
  • Angie P.
  • Mary's Daycare: Mary Hoppe 701-371-5269 (Harwood/Argusville/Gardner Areas)
Center/Preschool (facility ECE)
  • A Child's World-YWCA
  • NDSU Center for Child Development
  • SENDCAA Child Care Center
  • YMCA Early Learning Center-Fercho
  • YMCA Early Learning Center-Schlossman