Using Reports in MyTeachingStrategies

MyTeachingStategies™ has many great features and we wanted to showcase some of the ways you can use it! In the Report area, you can access interactive reports that help to bring your data to life. Reports tell a story about each child’s progress and provide actionable information that helps you understand and report out on what the children in your program are likely to do next. Here you can also keep track of your professional development activities achieved within the Develop area to share with administrators.

Spotlight: The Development and Learning Report

The Development and Learning report highlights a child’s strengths in particular areas of development and learning. Many teachers use this report to communicate with other stakeholders about a child’s development. This allows teachers to clearly and concisely discuss the areas in which a child is able to demonstrate his or her abilities and allows a team of educators and family members to make a plan to support the continued growth.

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